The International Academy is a an authorized IB World School for both the Middle Years and Diploma Programs.

It is the Academy's goal that every student receives an IB diploma and the benefits of a challenging liberal arts education. All students participate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme making the International Academy the only all IB public high school in North America.

Junior and senior students are officially recognized as IB candidates. During the two years of the program, they submit papers and projects to examiners around the world. In May of their junior or senior years, students sit for exams in each of the subject areas.

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The International Baccalaureate curriculum serves as the cornerstone of the Academy's demanding academic program

The IB Diploma and subject area certificates are widely accepted by universities and colleges around the world as evidence of superior achievement.


The Middle Years Program (MYP) offers an integrated course of study focused on helping students in grades 9 and 10 to develop the skills and conceptual understanding necessary to make real-world connections across the curriculum. The IB MYP for grades 9 and 10 challenges students to integrate concepts through curriculum and personal development with:

  • classes and assessment in eight subject areas: English, Language B, Humanities, Science, Math, the Arts, Physical Education and Technology
  • the Personal Project in grade 10 that provides a framework for independent study in an areas of the students choosing focusing on the process of a long term project.

The Diploma Program (DP) curriculum is made up of the DP core and six subject groups. Made up of the three required components, the DP core aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills.

The three core elements are:

  • Theory of knowledge,(TOK) in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge and on how we know what we claim to know.
  • The extended essay, (EE) which is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper.
  • Creativity, activity, service, (CAS) in which students complete a project related to those three concepts.