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2018 MAME President's Award

Mark Howe, Chief of Staff to the Chief Deputy Superintendent from the Michigan Department of Education; Dr. Christopher Smith, IA Associate Principal; Lynne Gibson, IA Principal; Klaudia Janek, IA School Librarian and MAME President

"Chris and Lynne support the belief that the school library is a unique and essential part of our learning community. They keep a certified school librarian running the library so that it is a dynamic learning space. They encourage me to teach our learners how to be prepared for college, careers and life by knowing how to find and use quality information.  With their actions, flexibility and risk-taking on new ideas they support the idea that reading is the core of personal and academic competency. Finally, they put their faith in me and all of the teachers in our school to appropriately integrate technology and make learning equitable for all of our students" states Klaudia Janek, IA School Librarian and President's Welcome speaker.