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Individuals and Societies (Humanities)

MYP Honors World Studies

(Grade 9, required)
(Y) Credit: 1.0
Course Number: 56100
Prerequisite: None

Course Description:
This course provides a comprehensive historical survey of the world through the use of such tools as the Themes of Geography and Aspects of Culture. Students are introduced to many of the world's major cultures including the Middle East, Asia (with a focus on China and India), Africa and Europe in order to explore the condition of our world today. Both ancient and modern times will be examined as well as the development of social, political, cultural and economic systems in the context of geography and history. The content of the course requires extensive writing, research, presentations, debates and other creative and analytical expressions.

The curriculum of this course parallels with that of 9th grade World Literature, allowing students to examine the world's literary expression within a cultural, political, economic and social context. This provides an interdisciplinary humanities approach to both courses.

MYP Honors American Studies

(Grade 10, required)
(Y) Credits: 1.0
Course Number: 56300
Prerequisite: World Studies
Course Description:
This course covers aspects of American History from the end of the Civil War to 2001. This course will survey the past both chronologically and thematically. Themes that will serve as guiding questions include the defining and redefining of the meaning of liberty and freedom, changing views of the role of government, and America's evolving role in the world.

DP History I and II

(Grade 11, 12 required)
(Y) Credits: 1.0 each year
Course Numbers: 56401 and 56411
Prerequisite: MYP World & American Studies
Course Description:
The DP History program at the International Academy spans the 11th and 12th grades, and covers primarily 20th Century World History through 2000, with a concentration on Europe. There is no distinction between material covered by HL and SL students, except during the review period at the end of 12th grade. Due to the nature of the program, skills that are introduced in one unit continue to be emphasized for the balance of DP History, especially as regards IB preparation. The exact material covered and assessments may vary depending on instructor's choice and time available.


(Grade 9, required)
(S) Credits: 0.5
Course Number: 56202
Prerequisite: None
Course Description:
This semester course is designed as an introduction to the structures, processes, and financing mechanisms of the marketplace, for both consumers and businesses. Students will learn personal budgeting, saving and investing, laws of supply and demand, productivity, competition and the roles of money and government in the free enterprise system. Practical applications include the "Living on your own" budgeting exercise, a (mock) $100,000 investing simulation, and the "Echo Pen" project, where students form companies and make decisions necessary to market a new product in a highly competitive industry.

DP I and II Economics

(Y) Credits: 1.0 each year
Course Numbers: 56205 and 56215
Prerequisite: Microeconomics
Course Description:
Following the DP curriculum, this two year course is designed to provide students with an advanced (1st - 2nd year university) level understanding of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Economics, including a special emphasis on Economics of Developing Countries. Graphical analysis is integral to each area of study. Supplementing the DP curriculum, the course will include daily focus on current events with emphasis on implications for Federal Reserve monetary policy. Select students will compete yearly in the U.S. Federal Reserve's "Fed Challenge" as well as the NCEE's "Economics Challenge." Students may also become certified as Junior Achievement Consultants and teach economics to diverse elementary school students in local school districts. Time permitting, a short unit on Business Finance will also be offered.