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Physical Education

MYP Physical Education


(Grade 9 required)
(S) Credits: 0.5
Course Number: 54101
Prerequisite: None
Course Description:
MYP physical education and health is taught as a combined curriculum in both 9th and 10th grades. The course makes use of non-traditional games, group initiatives and challenge ropes course activities to develop an appreciation of physical fitness, group skills such as leadership, communication and problem solving.
The curriculum also seeks to develop interpersonal skills such as goal setting, trusting, risk taking, and self assessment of both physical and emotional skills related to participation in groups. Physical fitness concepts such as cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility are also developed through both traditional instruction and as part of the adventure curriculum. The skills learned in Adventure Challenge are meant to develop a person's physical aptitude, appreciation for a physically active lifestyle and give them the interpersonal skills necessary to participate in any group setting as a productive member and leader.
The health curriculum has been designed to meet Michigan Merit Curriculum Credit Guidelines. The curriculum is composed of four main units: Nutrition and Wellness taught in 9th grade; Drugs & Addiction and Human Sexuality taught in 10th.