International Academy

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Okma Contact Info

Lynne Gibson, Principal
Christopher Smith, Associate Principal
Sarah Fairman, IB Coordinator
1020 E. Square Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304.1957

Main Office Contacts

Carol Arola, Principal's Secretary

Ann Curran, Enrollment Coordinator

Automated Attendance Line

Joni Jacobs, Attendance Secretary

Melinda Hassett, Counseling Secretary

Saira Latif, Enrichment Coordinator

Telephone and Fax Numbers

Main Office Tel: 248.341.5900
Fax: 248.341.5959
Attendance: 248.341.5910
Counseling Office Tel: 248.341.5930
Counseling Office Fax: 248.341.5903
International Center Tel: 248.341.5940
International Center Fax: 248.341.5923



Faculty Email, Voicemail

Name Department Email Voicemail
Acton, Lisa Counselor 248.341.5935
Cafcalas, Terri Fine Arts 248.341.6867
Casazza,Catherine Math 248.341.6847
Casper,Aimee Math/MYP Project/IB Exam Prep 248.341.6859
Cinader, Nicole French/Yearbook 248.341.6691
Clancy, Sarah IB Service Learning Coordinator 248.341.5942
Davies, Brad Science 248.341.6862
Dittus, Jane Counseling 248.341.5934
Fisher, Kaitlin Physics 248.341.6820
Garder, Jan Language A 248.341.6871
Gibson, Lynne Principal 248.341.5900
Hodgkins, Chad Physics 248.341.6489
Hessler, Kristy Math 248.341.6852
Janek, Klaudia Teacher Librarian 248.341.5925
Jones, Ian ESS/MYP PT/Exam Prep 248.341.6860
Juco, Joanne English 248.341.5953
Kiriazis,Renee Biology 248.341.6861
Kwiatkowski, Melissa Social Science 248.341.6866
LaNoue, Eric Band/IB Music 248.341.6854
Lewand, Nancy PE/Health 248.341.6874
McCabe, Kayla English  248.341.6856
McSween, Amanda Science 248.341.6869
Merchant, Amy French 248.341.6848
Miner, Mary Technology Coordinator 248.341.5915
Morrison, Matt History 248.341.5957
Monck, Sue Science 248.341.6858
Pagnani, Matthew Speech/MYP PT/Exam Prep 248.341.6749
Phillips, Megan Chemistry 248.341.6875
Riggs,Rebecca Spanish 248.341.6851
Schultz, Deborah German 248.341.6849
Shamanski, Joe Spanish 248.341.6855
Slade, Lisa Math 248.341.6870
Smith,Christopher Associate Principal 248.341.5900
Stibitz, David Social Science 248.341.6864
Tecmire, Kyle Economics 248.341.6868
Uhelski, Bob Social Science 248.341.6865
Woods, Darrin Language A 248.341.6872
Ziegler, Joseph Orchestra/MYP PT/Exam Prep 248.341.6850