Okma Weekly Message August 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

letter from the principal

Dear Families,

Our tri-campus staff kicked off the school year on Wednesday at our West campus.  Leading our professional development was Dr. Jay Marks, Diversity and Equity Consultant through Oakland Schools.  Similar to what our classrooms look like each day, Dr. Marks had us moving around to collaborate and discuss ideas as they relate to what it means to be culturally proficient.  His energy and knowledge resonated with us, leaving us with a greater understanding of how to use language and skills that invite students to be a part of our community.  

Over the past two days, the hallways and classrooms have been full of excitement, laughter and positive energy.  Our teachers have started the year with various routines designed to help students get to know each other, learn what their past experiences with the subject matter has been, what their worries are, and what they are looking forward to the most this school year.  

We would also like to congratulate our IB Coordinator, Mrs. Fairman, on being appointed as Director of Secondary Education for Bloomfield Hills School District.  She has served the tri-campus community for the past seven years and her passion, knowledge, flexibility and humor will be missed.   As Mrs. Fairman transitions into this new position, she will continue to support the IA until the position is filled.  

Our short, two-day transition back to school has been inspiring and focused on creating a welcoming environment for our students.  We hope you and our students have a relaxing weekend.  We look forward to further communication and reflection throughout the school year.




Lynne Gibson
Principal, East, Okma & West Campuses
International Academy
1020 E. Square Lake Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
v 248 341 5900

okma weekly message

Welcome Back!  We all are so thrilled to be back.  We missed these kids.  Seeing a whole new batch of freshman is always a delight. Sophomores seemed to grow a foot.  Juniors have hit the big time and Seniors are thinking about college now. 

By now, all should have enrolled via the Bloomfield Hills enrollment system.  This was a new process this year necessitated by the fact that all our students are in the student management system supported by the BH district.  While this streamlined the process of filling out and submitting lots of different forms, it may have been confusing to some who intended to join the PTIA.  When a high school is as unique as the International Academy, it needs a strong parent-teacher organization.  The PTIA takes pride in connecting parents, supporting teachers and enhancing student experiences at IA.
The PTIA membership dues and parent donations provide critical funding for the popular IA traditions that students enjoy, teacher grants for classroom supplies and equipment/building renovations.

Joining the PTIA does NOT mean you need to volunteer your time.  There are two different ways you can join the PTIA.  1.  through the online parent portal or 2. fill out the attached membership form, attach your check, place in an envelope, and leave it in the PTIA mailbox located in the main office.  The PTIA is great way to learn more about our amazing school community, connect with new faces, and support our kids.  We are looking forward to seeing you all at the PTIA Meet and Greet on 9/18 at 7pm.  All are invited!


Weekly Announcements

service learning coordinator quote of the week

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. 

- Anne Frank

You may have seen a quote from Anne Frank’s diary on social media over the last week or so and all of the controversial responses to its contextual use. To kick off our school year and my goal of sharing a quote on which we can reflect as a school community each week, I picked one that I’m not sure with which anyone can find fault! I read her words as a call to action, a reminder that every moment is an opportunity to be caring, principled, and open-minded, which can, in turn, transform the world to a better place, even if only for a moment. Who knows what the ripples might be!? As we begin a new school year with all its opportunities for growth and joy of learning, let us look around for the ways in which we can do this.

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