Okma Weekly Message January 29, 2021

Greetings IA Community!

It is great to be back and see the smiling eyes of students and colleagues!  Things are moving along smoothly, but we need to remind ourselves and our kids not to get complacent.  Unfortunately, we are still in a pandemic and we need to be diligent at school as well as out in the wild, so that we can remain in-person.  This translates to: help your children make good decisions regarding their own safety and behavior over the weekends in order to help keep schools open.


Items will be available at the office; payment is exact cash amount (we cannot make change) or check made out to IACCMB

Please place payment into Music Boosters Box outside of office

  • T-shirts $5
  • Long sleeve shirts $10
  • Hoodies $15
  • Flannel PJ-style pants $15
  • Tote bags $5

Everything must go!!

Applications for the Class of 2025 are still being accepted.  If you have an 8th grader or know off any that are interested in attending our world class school, please direct them to our Prospective Students page to fill out an application.

The application window for the class of 2025 closes on January 24, 2021. Only applicants who apply before January 24th will be considered for the respective district lotteries. Late applications will be added to the bottom of the district waitlist in the order they are received.



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BAttle of the books


Join Troy Athens, Troy High, the International Academy and the Troy Public Library in the book battle of the year!

Books are selected by a student committee with final librarian approval. These students read potential books over the summer. The books must have been published in 2020. They are typically young adult books, with a few adult books. The various reading levels are designed to capture the attention of reluctant readers all the way to AP/IB advanced readers.

Counseling Newsletter

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Perry Initiative has paused all in-person programs for the foreseeable future. While we are disappointed we cannot meet new participants at Perry Outreach Programs, we are still committed to our mission of inspiring women to pursue careers in orthopaedic surgery and engineering. As we navigate through these extraordinary times, we will be transitioning to virtual learning.

We’re very excited to announce upcoming sessions of the Perry Virtual Experience in February 2021. The Perry Virtual Experience is a free, 2.5-hour, interactive online experience for high school and college-aged women who are interested in pursuing careers in orthopaedic surgery and engineering. Participants will hear from women leaders in these fields and dive into online orthopaedic simulations and biomechanics experiments. Additional information can be found on our website: https://perryinitiative.org/pve/

Women in high school and college who have an interest in science, medicine and/or engineering are now invited to register for a session of the Perry Virtual Experience. We would appreciate it if you could pass along this information to any educators or students you may know. Students should be directed to fill out the online registration for one session that best fits their schedule. Most sessions are available to participants in any location, but some sessions are for a focused geographic area. Dates and details for each session can be found at https://perryinitiative.org/calendar/

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Again, we sincerely appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Perry Virtual Experience.

All the best,

Hannah Heuschneider, Program Coordinator


2020-2021 Calendar

First page of the PDF file: 2020-2021IACalendar

updated 1.6 2021

Our Amazing Students!


image of Vivian Yee

Huge congratulations are  in order for Vivian Yee.  

Vivian has been recognized as a scholar in the Regeneron Science Talent Search.   This 80 year-old science research competition highlights the importance of science and engineering and the spirit of inquiry that is so critical to our nation’s future. Vivian has placed in the top 40 high school seniors in the nation and academics and science research.  Vivian’s project title: A Novel Epidemiological Approach to Exploring the Implications of Social Determinants of Health on COVID-19 Spread:  A Call to Action for Health Equity


view the press release


Answers about residency and surgery Wed Feb 3 at 12pm - Zoom ID 914 7998 0523 Password 43275


Dr. Smith holding a "buy a yearbook" sign

Upcoming Events:

2/3/2021 PTIA Meeting -Superintendent Pat Watson Dialogue  7:00pm

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting


I Superintendent Pat Watson Dialogue
A. JSC Updates
B. Bond and IA Building Updates
II Meet The New BHS BOE Members
III Principal Report
A. Back To School Update
B. Important Dates
IV PTIA Treasurer Report
V PTIA Announcements
VI Meditation
VII Adjournment

Submit questions to Superintendent Pat Watson using form below

Questions for Superintendent Dialogue

PATHWAY TO COLLEGE SEMINAR:  Based on parent feedback, the PTIA has scheduled a Pathway to College Virtual Seminar for the community on Wednesday April 7th at 7PM.  

To help our college consultant, Alicjia Jahnke, customize her presentation for the IA audience, we are looking for feedback from you about what you'd like to learn more about in the areas of collection selection and application process. Please click this link to submit your questions that we will forward to the presenter.


2/10/2021 IA GOVERNANCE BODY MEETING (Joint Steering Committee)

Zoom Link – Meeting ID: 991 8183 5166 

Shop at Rite Aid to raise funds for PTIA: Hello Parents, Teachers, and Staff -- The PTIA has partnered with Rite Aid

for a new Passive Fundraising opportunity! By linking your RiteAid Wellness+ card to our PTIA we will earn funds every time you fill prescriptions or

shop at Rite Aid. Please visit http://support.rxfundraising.com/IAOKMAPTA for further information.

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First page of the PDF file: MindfulnessforParentsandCaregivers03-04-21
First page of the PDF file: RestorativePracticesforParentsandCaregiversWinter20211




Items will be available starting 2/1 at the office

Short and long sleeve shirts, hoodies, pants, and tote bags! 

Everything must go, $5-15!

  • T-shirts $5
  • Long sleeve shirts $10
  • Hoodies $15
  • Flannel PJ-style pants $15
  • Tote bags $5

Payment is exact cash amount (we cannot make change) or check made out to IACCMB 

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