Okma Weekly Message June 8, 2020

Greetings IA Community,

The Class of 2020 is in the books! 

Yesterday the Class of 2020 was celebrated via drive-in Commencement.  It was a beautiful, fine, day and a lovely celebration was had by all. Congratulations Class of 2020 and families.  You should all be very proud!  The video is posted at:  


graduation collage




Next week, students and families will be invited in to collect belongings. Here are the  plans for student and family access:

 Okma Campus Students and Family Access June 15-17

Books and other items will be returned under the awning in front of the building.  We will check off the names of students who return the materials.  Please label the bag you are returning with the student’s name and a list of returned items and follow the schedule below to ensure social distancing.  Students should plan on returning:

  • Textbooks
  • Chromebooks

  • Library books

  • Music uniforms for students not continuing with music next year (uniform deposit return form should be attached). Form will be sent separately by the music dept.  

  • All school-owned instruments


times to access building


  • Students can sign up via sign up genius to enter the building in 15 minute intervals to retrieve personal items.

  • Medicine in the vault can be picked up.  Please email Ann Curran and we will have medicine available in front of the building. 

  • Please place the student name in the windshield when approaching the front awning.

  • Lost and found items will be placed on a table outside under the awning - any items not retrieved by 1PM on June 19th will be donated to charity.

  • If students wish to use any of these resources through noon on the 17th (when all assignments are due), they can drop them off between noon and 3 pm on the 17th.




Thank you to all the front line workers in our IA community serving and sacrificing to keep us safe and take care of those that are ill!


picture of Okma front line workers

We would love to continue to highlight more of our front line workers next week. Please submit your picture and information here: https://forms.gle/D2rwx2HvycYEKMf29.


IB Results

IB results will be released after 10:30 AM on July 6. To get your results, students will need to log onto candidates.ibo.org and enter your Personal Code and PIN. To locate those numbers, visit Mangebac, then click on IB Manager, and Plan. You will see them listed on the right side of your screen. Remember the Personal code and PIN are case sensitive. Please remember to use either Google Chrome or Firefox. DO NOT USE SAFARI!

IB Results to Colleges: Each university selects to receive the results electronically or by mail. The college seniors indicated in the 2020 Exit Survey is where the results will be sent. If students wish to send results to additional universities once scores are released, a request can be submitted on the IB website. However, be advised there is a small fee associated with additional requests.

This Google Doc titled “IB RESULTS - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW AND MORE” has answers to many of the most common questions, including what to do if your results are not what you hoped they would be.


Linked here is a video that Dr. Smith created to help parents better understand how to view grades in MiStar. If you have questions about your student's academic performance in their classes, please contact their teachers directly by email.

senior shout out

Judy and Robert Franklin would like to honor their daughter Ellie Franklin who is graduating Magna Cum Laude and is receiving the German Department Award. Ellie, you make your parents proud everyday! We can’t wait to see your achievements in the James Madison College at Michigan State University this Fall.

picture of student Ellie Franklin

If you have a senior that you would like to give a shout out to, please pass your message along to Mary Miner



We are excited to announce that the yearbook signing tradition is alive and it’s fully digital to suit our socially distanced students. 

Jostens has just launched a new platform, Yearbook Digital Signing Pages, that gives every student in our school the chance to create  virtual signing pages, invite their friends to leave messages, and print out the final pages to keep with the yearbook as a permanent keepsake.This is free for every student whether they purchased a yearbook or not.

Share the link below with your child so they can get started with their yearbook signing.


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Our Amazing Kids

harvard college vision global health and leadership conference

picture of students

This year, over 600 students from 21 countries registered to attend the virtual conference held May 23-25.  118 of these students completed a Project Pitch or Case Study Analysis. Chinyere Aguwa, Sönke Pietsch, Chinedum Aguwa, Juliette Hamid, and Grace Bogle’s participated in the Project Pitch and Case Study portions of the virtual conference on May 23-24th.

 Chinedum, Chinyere, Juliette Hamid, and Sönke achieved first place in the Project Pitch Competition. Grace's team achieved an honorable mention in the Case Study Competition. Students had the opportunity to listen to several prominent health leaders. 

Chinedum, Chinyere, Juliette, and Sönke worked together to produce a presentation titled The title of our project is "Hopeful Readers: Illiteracy in Detroit Public Schools."
Here is their summary of their project:

"For the community pitch project, our group’s focus was on addressing local inequalities, particularly in the field of education. As such, we focused on illiteracy in Detroit Public Schools. This is an issue disadvantaged communities face not only in Detroit but in the entire United States and across the world. To serve in context, our group singled out the Detroit public school system as an area of particular focus due to the destitute nature in that environment and our relative proximity and connection. After a thorough investigation of Detroit’s school system and its current situation, we created an extensive volunteer program called Hopeful Readers with the purpose of combating the high illiteracy rates in the Detroit Public School district. In this program, we support students by offering online literacy tutoring and promoting parent involvement in their child’s education. We plan to start this within the next few weeks to make this program a reality." 

You can view below:


Paul Lewis, the founder of the conference shared this; "We were very fortunate to have Chinedum, Chinyere, Juliette, Sönke, and Grace as a part of our conference, and you should be proud to have such an impressive and talented student at your school. I am sure if you talk to them, they would love to share the experience with you."

We are very proud too!


scholastic art and writing competition

Sabrina Yu self portrait

A huge shout out and congratulations are in order for junior art student, Sabrina Yu! Sabrina entered her self portrait into the local Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and earned a Gold Key back in February, this is the highest award at the local level. Earning this Gold Key moved her work forward to the National Competition. We just received word that she earned a Silver Medal for her artistic talents out of all of the other work entered in the Nation! This is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of her! There will be a virtual National Ceremony on June 4th at 6:00 pm on the Scholastic Art and Writing website to celebrate all of the 2020 medalists. If you see or talk to Sabrina, be sure to tell her congratulations! 

LLS Students of the Year

Students of the Year is a leadership development program for high school students. During the campaign, participants gain professional skills such as entrepreneurship, marketing, project management, and much more in order to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Leukemia and Lymphoma is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and creating research to fight against blood cancers. The title Student(s) of the Year is awarded to the candidate or co-candidates in each community that raises the most funds during the 7-week competition. Cancer never stops and neither should we. 

If anybody would like to learn more about the program, join the team, or donate, they can email Chinedum Aguwa .Please also see the attached file:  2021 SOY Leave Behind

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DRAFT 2020-2021 Calendar

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If you have any outstanding PTIA reimbursement requests please send them as soon as possible to Dawn Jensen at 2xx2xy@comcast.net

New PTIA Mentor Program – Volunteers Needed!

The PTIA is launching an Incoming Family Mentor program, and we need YOU to help make it successful! Do you remember what it was like when your student started at the IA? So many questions, and you barely knew anyone. Now you have the opportunity to help ease the transition for new families: be a resource for them by answering questions, providing tips, and inviting them to meetings and to get involved. Each mentor will have up to 10 families that MAY contact them. We do not anticipate that being a mentor will be a big time commitment, and you can work your interactions with your families around your own schedule. Please join us on this new venture!

Check the Sign-Up Genius for more details.

IA Parent Mentors


beautification volunteer

HELP NEEDED: Still looking for a brave sole to volunteer to help with IA Beautification for the inside and outside of our awesome school.  If interested, contact Sue Tang at sstang@comcast.net.  

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