Okma Weekly Message May 25, 2020

Greetings IA Community,

We hope you all took some time to relax and reflect this Memorial Day weekend.  Our librarians have put together some Memorial Day and Michigan resources. Be sure to check them out below in the Library Newsletter.


Reminder: Monday is Memorial Day and we have no classes on that day. Next week's schedule will be:

A day B day graphic
  • Tuesday (5/26) - A-Day
  • Wednesday (5/27) - B-Day
  • Thursday (5/28) - A-Day
  • Friday (5/29) - B-Day




senior shout out

Hunter Barr Senior picture

Kathy and Scott Barr would like to shout how proud they are that Hunter Barr earned Summa Cum Laude honors and will be attending the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in the fall.  Great job Hunter, we love you!]

If you have a senior that you would like to give a shout out to, please pass your message along to Mary Miner

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film club meeting

the hexagon

A couple of juniors created a website (aptly named "The Hexagon") that provides our classmates (and staff) with activities and exercises that are proven to help mitigate stress and anxiety. Although the internet provides plenty of resources, nearly all of the exercises and resources we have included come from students and staff at the IA to help encourage our sense of community. Each activity page includes research backing its effectiveness for improving mental health and an inspirational quote to help everyone understand the purpose in doing these activities. We have also included a school news tab to keep everyone up to date and centralize news feeds (including a link to the newsletter!). The website also has a connections page to showcase some of the awesome work everyone has been up to while in person classes are suspended. 

Soenke Pietsch


Counseling Newsletter


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KROGER REWARDS & AMAZON SMILE - Both of these are great ways to help raise money for the PTIA during the quarantine since many of  you are shopping for more groceries and doing online shopping.  It’s as easy as signing into your Kroger and Amazon Smile accounts and selecting International Academy OKMA PTIA as your charity.  That’s it… then a percentage of your spending will be donated to the PTIA to help our students.

New PTIA Mentor Program – Volunteers Needed!

The PTIA is launching an Incoming Family Mentor program, and we need YOU to help make it successful! Do you remember what it was like when your student started at the IA? So many questions, and you barely knew anyone. Now you have the opportunity to help ease the transition for new families: be a resource for them by answering questions, providing tips, and inviting them to meetings and to get involved. Each mentor will have up to 10 families that MAY contact them. We do not anticipate that being a mentor will be a big time commitment, and you can work your interactions with your families around your own schedule. Please join us on this new venture!

Check the Sign-Up Genius for more details.

IA Parent Mentors


beautification volunteer

HELP NEEDED: Still looking for a brave sole to volunteer to help with IA Beautification for the inside and outside of our awesome school.  If interested, contact Sue Tang at sstang@comcast.net.  


If you have any outstanding PTIA reimbursement requests please send them as soon as possible to Dawn Jensen at 2xx2xy@comcast.net



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IA Chorale Virtual Choir Performance
When schools were first shut down in March, Choir Festival was also cancelled. Chorale students, as well as IA Choir alumni also stuck at home, submitted video and audio recordings to contribute to a virtual choir performance. We hope you enjoy the results of this long, but rewarding process! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrrehgklBw0&feature=youtu.be


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