West Campus

The International Academy-West (IA-West)

is a public, tuition-free, high school for students living in school districts that are part of a consortium. IA-West opened in 2006 and graduated it's first class in 2010.  The school is located on the campus of Lakeland High School in White Lake. The International Academy provides a unique blend of rigorous academic standards and practical, career related learning throughout the school year. It features the world renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) as the centerpiece of the curriculum. IA-West is the west campus of the International Academy located in Bloomfield Hills.

What is an International Baccalaureate Diploma?

An International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized internationally and is the highest form of a diploma for high school students. IA-West can potentially offer students a year of college credit before they begin their college career. To learn more, visit www.ibo.org.

See the Prospective Students page for specific enrollment details.

 See the Prospective Students page for specific enrollment details.

photo of Lynne Gibson

Lynne Gibson

Lynne Gibson began serving as principal of the International Academy’s three campuses in 2009.  With over fifteen years of educational experience, she has served as International Baccalaureate coordinator, assistant principal and counselor at the IA, and also taught middle school and high school English in the Bloomfield Hills School District.    

Her interest in creating a support network for educators involved with all levels of the IB program led to her involvement with and creation of the regional IB association of Michigan (IBSOM), and currently serves as the president.  As a site visitor and consultant for the IBO, Ms. Gibson travels nationally to high schools to help facilitate the IB authorization process.  

Ms. Gibson has also served as a guest instructor in the IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning at Oakland University, teaching courses on internationalism.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University, a Master of Arts in school counseling and an Education Specialist in educational leadership, both from Oakland University.  

Ms. Gibson is dedicated to the highest standards of academic achievement for all students and makes it her daily work to ensure students have the support they need to achieve those standards.

Ryan Parrott pic

Ryan Parrot

Mr. Parrott completed his student teaching at Milford High School and became involved with many activities during his experience there, but Huron Valley was not hiring at that time. He earned a position in the Clarkston School District teaching in the Mathematics, Physics, and Technology program. Fortunately for us, he was laid off and found an opportunity at the IA. While Clarkston called him back, he made the decision to pursue his career at the IA, teaching physics and math. Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Michigan and his Masters of Education Leadership from Saginaw Valley State University.

Ryan is passionate about the IB and an enthusiastic supporter of the IA mission. Teaching in both the Middle Years and Diploma Program courses, he is knowledgeable and has demonstrated his caring nature for students. His experience working in a school within a school is also invaluable.

photo of Sarah Fairman

Sarah Fairman

Ms. Sarah Fairman began serving as the International Baccalaureate coordinator for the International Academy in July 2012.  As the IB coordinator, Ms. Fairman works with teachers and students in both the Middle Years and Diploma Programs on all three campuses of the IA.  Prior to joining the International Academy, she served as the IB coordinator for Norup International School in the Berkley School District. 

Ms. Fairman earned a Bachelor of Arts in American Public Affairs-Metropolitan Studies from James Madison College at Michigan State University, a Bachelor of Arts in education from Eastern Michigan University and a Masters of Arts in Middle Level Curriculum and Instruction from Walden University.  Ms. Fairman is currently attending Michigan State University’s administrative pathways program at the master’s level.

During her fifteen years in education, Ms. Fairman has participated in a variety of educational positions including classroom teacher, IB coordinator and assistant principal.  Through her involvement with the International Baccalaureate, Ms. Fairman has served as a school evaluator, workshop leader and school consultant working with schools throughout North America.  Additionally, Ms. Fairman is a founding member of IB Schools of Michigan (IBSOM) and is currently serving on the board as secretary.

Ms. Fairman believes that the International Baccalaureate curriculum provides students the opportunity to engage in activities which meet Ron Ritchhart’s theory of learning: “learning is a consequence of thinking and involves uncovering complexity and delving deeply.”