West Contact Info

Lynne Gibson, Principal
Ryan Parrott, Associate Principal
Joanne Juco, IB Coordinator

1630 Bogie Lake Road 
White Lake, Michigan 48383

Main Office Contacts
Julie Anne Barron, Attendance/Counseling Secretary - 248.676.8379
Julie Milani, Enrollment/Office Coordinator - 248.676.2735
Brigid Piagentini, Counselor - 248.676.2873
Lisa Belotti, Enrichment Coordinator 248.341.5941
Mary Riley, Enrichment Technician 248.341.6781

Main Office Tel: 248.676.2735
Fax: 248.676.2734

Faculty Email, voicemail


To dial a teacher voicemail, call 248.676.8320 and the extension #

Name Department Email Voicemail
Anderson, Kathy Math kanderson@bloomfield.org 7172
Barron, Julie Anne Attendance/Counseling jbarron@bloomfield.org 8379
Brueck, Michael Health/PE mbrueck@bloomfield.org 7161
Convery, Maureen English/TOK mconvery@bloomfield.org 7199
Ferrari, Matthew Science mferrari@bloomfield.org 7184
Green, Bob Band bgreen@bloomfield.org 8332
Greenblatt, Joel History jgreenblatt@bloomfield.org 7200
Groh, Stacey Math sgroh@bloomfield.org 7186
Heffelbower, Samantha English sheffelbower@bloomfield.org 7162
Johnson, Tara Art tajohnson@bloomfield.org 7132
Jones, Ian Biology/ESS ijones@bloomfield.org 7180
Jones, Lauren French lajones@bloomfield.org 7188
McGuire, David History/TOK dmcguire@bloomfield.org 7160
Milani, Julie Enrollment/Office Coordinator julie.milani@hvs.org 248.676.2735
Nelson, Jeff IB Music/Choir jnelson@bloomfield.org 7123
Pagnani, Matt Speech mapagnani@bloomfield.org 7162
Parrot, Ryan Associate Principal rparrott@bloomfield.org 248.676.2735
Piagentini, Brigid Counselor bpiagentini@bloomfield.org 248.676.2873
Reager, Jennifer Spanish jreager@bloomfield.org 7187
Stewart, Charles Chemistry cstewart@bloomfield.org 7183
Waters, Carolina Spanish cwalters@bloomfield.org 7189
Weaver, Jacob Economics/Math jweaver@bloomfield.org 7185
Webster, Donalda French dwebster@blooomfield.org 7032
Williams, Caroline Physics cwilliams@bloomfield.org 7173
Whitehead, Margaret English mwhitehead@bloomfield.org 7203
Zimmerman, Rebecca Math rzimmerman@bloomfield.org 7159