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Summer Highlights & YAB Teen Graduates


September came and went quickly (as it always does). And, before the school year gets too far underway, we wanted to take one last look back at the summer AND showcase our YAB Teens that graduated.

The YAB's kicked off summer with their annual Teen Summer Concert - in Shain Park! The park was filled with people of all ages and stages to support a line-up of amazingly talented teens! 

Thank you to the:

This event simply is not possible without each of you!




Would you like to be involved in the YAB? 

Contact Kelly Michaud at


Congratulations to our 2019 YAB Graduates!


Like so many proud Parents & Schools honor their graduates, we at BBCC come to love, honor and respect our YAB teens.  We have been blessed to watch these amazing teens - many of whom started with us in their freshman year - grow, mature, develop their voice, passion and leadership in so many ways! 


Here is a brief look at a very special group of 2019 graduates all of whom are on their next journeys in secondary higher education! 


Thank you and we wish you the very BEST and continued success along the way!



Deji Alade

Detroit Country Day High School

YAB Student Leader


Proud Youth Action Board members since Fall 2015.

Highlight of the YAB: YAB's @ the Celebrate Birmingham Parade, DCD Middle School Transitions, Choices Youth Dialogue Day, Youth Action Board Meetings & Events.

Future Plans: I will be attending Penn State. Thank you YAB and good luck!


  Paul Fischer

Birmingham Seaholm High School

YAB Student Leader


Proud Youth Action Board member since Summer 2017. Director of Community Outreach 2018-2019.

Lasting Impressions: The YAB is special to me because it is a coalition of people my age, and who I know, who are committed against real issues in the community. It is a place to discuss ideas and opportunities with them, and in it I feel like my opinion truly matters. With the YAB, I feel comfortable sharing my ideas about important issues. And, it has provided opportunities for community service and leadership.

Highlight of the YAB: My favorite thing about the YAB are the events and activities, including CHOICES, touring the Common Ground Crisis Center, and the Teen Summer Concert. I hope that I inspired younger members to continue the important message that YAB provides.

Future Plans: I will be attending Alma College in the fall, pursuing a major in Computer Science. I will also be a member of the Alma Symphony Orchestra and Esports Team.




Jackson Gregg

Bloomfield Hills High School

YAB Student Leader


Proud Youth Action Board member since Fall 2017. Co-Vice President 2018-2019.


Lasting Impressions: The YAB helped me become a better leader and person. To interact with my peers and make good decisions regarding my future. The Covey 7 Habit's helped me focus on my priorities. The YAB is special because it is run by youth for youth, and I met and worked with people from all of the different schools together to plan events and collaborate.


Highlight of the YAB:  My favorite part about the YAB is that we have very good and constructive discussions on important teen issues. These conversations have made me more informed and conscious, mindful and have really stood out to me as my favorite memories. 


Future Plans: This summer I am taking C++ and Linear Algebra at OCC and working as a computer page at the West Bloomfield Township Library. This fall I will be attending Columbia University , where I plan to major in Applied Mathematics.



Truman Gregg

Bloomfield Hills High School

YAB Student Leader


Proud Youth Action Board members since Fall 2017. Co-Vice President 2018-2019.

Lasting Impressions: The YAB has meant a great deal to me as a place to make a real impact on our schools and community. The YAB has empowered me to take on any challenge, knowing that I have wonderful supporters in the community. The YAB is special because it is student-run spanning several schools, whose members take the initiative to change their community.

Highlight of the YAB: My favorite part about the YAB is our regular meetings where we share information, ideas, and experiences. As a result, I have gained a greater understanding of fellow YAB members and society as a whole. In the future, these dialogues will allow me to reach out to others and connect with them on a personal level whoever they might be.

Future Plans: This summer, I am taking C++ and Linear Algebra at Oakland Community College. This fall I will be attending Columbia University in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.


  Tasnia Hossain
Birmingham Groves High School
YAB Student Leader


Proud Youth Action Board member since Fall, 2015. Director of Community Outreach 2017-2018. Co-Student Chairperson 2018-2019.

Lasting Impressions: YAB has given me the opportunity to meet people outside of my own school who are interested in resolving the same societal issues as I am, and this has empowered me to make change in my community. I have loved ones that struggle with addiction, so the mission of Youth Action Board is one that is near and dear to my heart.

Highlight of the YAB: Each discussion at the table is unique: a different group of people, a different topic, and different perspectives. I have found a community in YAB, and will cherish the time I have spent with the organization for years to come.

Future Plans: I will be attending the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Though my time at Youth Action Board has come to an end, I look forward to seeing what great things my fellow YAB members will accomplish in the future.



Andrea Johnson
Birmingham Seaholm High School  

YAB Student Leader

Proud Youth Action Board member since Fall, 2017.            Co-President 2018-2019.

Lasting Impressions: The YAB is special because I can always count on it to be there for me. Throughout high school, even on the busiest of Sundays this group of amazingly hard-working and kind kids will be there for me. I know that every time I show up I will feel welcomed and respected. If I have something I want to say I know everyone at the table will listen to me and value my opinions and ideas. Each time I sit down at the YAB table I can always count on learning new things and a great conversation! The YAB has taught me how to use my voice. It has also given me a diverse group of students to collaborate and communicate with. But most importantly the group has helped me to open my eyes to problems going on in the greater community. It really makes you feel good when you know you are participating in something that will make the people and places around you better.

Highlight of the YAB: Being a part of YAB allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in my community. As a part of the group, I was able to educate my peers on the dangers of substance use and abuse along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I was able to mentor younger students and give others a voice.   I feel I helped to propel YAB's mission forward and give a voice to its efforts.

Future Plans: Over the summer I will be on a mission trip to Costa Rica and preparing to head off to college - the University of Michigan where I will be studying business at the Ross School of Business.


Abby Williams
Birmingham Seaholm High School

YAB Student Leader

Proud Youth Action Board member since Fall, 2017. Co-President 2018-2019.

Lasting Impressions: The YAB has provided me with a community of like-minded individuals that I know I can talk to about any problems that I might face in school. In my life, the YAB has offered me a support system that I know I can count on whenever I encounter an issue in my life or school. The YAB has provided me with a community of people who have similar beliefs to mine. This community has helped me finish my high school career on a good note.  

Highlights of the YAB: I have enjoyed so much of the YAB. Some of my favorites have been the Teen Summer Concert and Choices Youth Dialogue Day. My favorite thing about the YAB is when we get deep into discussion on certain problems we see regarding substance abuse or mental health. I find it so interesting to hear everyone else's experiences and comforting to know that I am not the only one facing these problems in school. I hope that through this work, I have helped other teens make healthy lifestyle choices and know that they don't have to cave to peer pressure to fit in and have friends.

Future Plans: I will be attending The University of Michigan intending to study something in the STEM field. I hope to continue this work in college through another group similar to the YAB. Thank you YAB!



Calling All Parents of 5th-12th grade students, 

we want to hear from you!

BBCC is conducting a brief survey to gain a better understanding of parental opinions and attitudes regarding underage substance use and mental health issues in our community. 


This information will help BBCC and its community partners better support you as a parent.


This survey is anonymous and will take approximately 9 minutes to complete.


If you have a child in grades 5th -12th, - OR - if you know a parent with children this age, we would appreciate your/their input. 


Please click on the following link to begin:



Make a financial contribution to 

BBCC & the YAB to help us continue this important work!


Please click here, send a check, 


ask how you can be a sponsor.




High School Students... YOU could be a YAB member too! 


Youth Action Board (YAB)

is a dynamic group of teens who are a vital part  of the Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition with representation from public and private high school in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills.  The YAB's goal is to create a positive voice and presence for teens in their schools and community. The YAB meets regularly on Sunday afternoons, usually at the Bloomfield Twp. Library, to talk about important, relevant teen issues and to plan events for our peers in the community.  The YAB is completely student driven and provides the opportunity to meet and connect with other students from other Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills schools, develop their own voice and advocacy on important teen issues - like identifying what's causing so much stress in their lives & helping teens cope with  the stress, pressure & anxiety that might lead to risky decisions.  Students are able to develop their leadership and communication skills, meet and connect with other teens and key people in the community -- through our network to the schools, businesses and important community leaders. And, all the while they are connecting with teens from across the community, learning and building their skills, they are earning community service credit for their time!  


"The Youth Action Board has gotten me involved in my community and given me a voice as a teen. The people we have worked with and speakers we have been fortunate to listen to have touched my mindset about living life overall. The YAB has helped me grow as a leader and individual."


The YAB hosts many events and community appearances including an annual youth dialogue day - CHOICES, Band Jams, Teen Talent Showcases, Summer Kick-off Concert, Day on the Town, Birmingham Parade, Holiday Lighting Ceremony -- just to name a few! 


The YAB is flexible, fun and easy to join.  The YAB meets regularly on Sunday afternoons at the Bloomfield Twp. Library.  

For an up to date list of our meeting dates and events visit    For more information on how to get involved in the YAB, contact our Youth Program Coordinator, Kelly Michaud at



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