Welcome to the IA Family Section

This section of our website is designed to provide parents/guardians with the resources they need to help their child be successful.  Special programs, contact information, required and optional forms, account links, and much more can be found in this section.

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Welcome to Canvas! We are glad you are here. This course has been created for parents and guardians and includes information about Canvas Learning Management System and general instructions for using Canvas as a parent/observer.  https://sub1.instructure.com/courses/2522

The IA has more specific instructions for parents to access from the desktop site:



  • Go to:  ia.instructure.com/login/canvas

  • Login with MiStar ID:  P200xxxxx ---DON'T FORGET THE PRECEDING P

  • Enter your password (please note - your MISTAR password MUST be at least 9 characters in order to sync with CANVAS)

    • if you have previously changed your password to less than 9 characters, please update it at once to include at least 9. The accounts must then re-sync overnight for your CANVAS account creation to be successful.

  • You should now have access to your student’s courses

  • Parents who need their log in info can retrieve it by going to

and choosing the link below the input box - the Pin and Password - you will be prompted to input the same email address you have on file in the Student Information System (the same email to which you are receiving this message ).

Once in on the desktop site, you can follow the directions below to access from the Mobile site after you have downloaded the Parent App from your mobile device App store.


You will find QR Code for Mobile App by clicking on Account on the CANVAS desktop site.

find the QR code for Canvas in you Account Tab on Desktop Site

CANVAS Mobile App Video Instructions

screen shot of grading scales from pg 37 of student guidebook